Eastwood: Deadliest Gunslingers Kicks it Up.

January 5, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Eastwood Art

Eastwood: Deadliest Gunslingers the card game has launched on Kickstarter. Kinghts Games the creator behind The Red Dragons Lair card game are now presenting this new game. In this game you play different gunfighters that you will draw randomly along with an equipment card. Then you draw a location card for the gunfight to take place. You each have a combat deck and start by seeing who has the fastest shooting speed. You can use cards in your combat deck to make additional attacks or modify your actions. You can also use what they are calling a "whatever card" to alter outcomes of the fight.


Location Cards

The game consists of two standard poker size decks that not only can be used for this game, but for standard playing cards. There is also a die rolling component to the game where you have to roll a D10 to see if your gunfighter hits his mark. If you are a fan of western games and like the idea of an easy to sit down and play game that can be fun, fast and furious, this just might be what Doc Holliday ordered. So, hitch up those gunbelts and loosen those six shooters and we will see you at high noon.

Equipment Cards

Action Cards

Do you have the guts to meet in a showdown?

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