Edgehill Characters Add Colour To Your Pike & Shotte Armies

June 24, 2019 by brennon

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The English Civil War is an interesting period within our history and one packed with iconic characters. In celebration of that, there's a new pack of Pike & Shotte characters from Warlord Games for those looking to replicate the action at Edgehill.

Edgehill Character Pack - Warlord Games

The set comes with a smattering of new characters including Sir Edmund Verney, Prince Maurice Of The Rhine and Sir Arthur Haselrig. You'll also find King Charles I, Prince Rupert and the Earl Of Essex which offer up options for going beyond Edgehill.

Verney, for example, is quite the larger than life character. He fought beside the King and cut down sixteen Parliamentarians before eventually falling. Legends say that his body was never recovered save for his right hand which was still grasping the royal standard tightly. He was a pretty heroic individual.

Haselrig was a very competent cavalry commander for the Parliamentarians whose units were known as the London Lobsters. They wore heavy armour and it made them pretty hard to kill, shot and swords smashing off their armour. They only started to falter when the dastardly Royalists started attacking their horses.

Will you be adding this set of characters into your army? 

"Verney, for example, is quite the larger than life character..."

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