The Second Edition Of Wreck Age Reclaims The Post-Apocalypse

February 8, 2018 by dracs

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Hyacinth Games recently released the second edition of their 28mm scale post-apocalyptic skirmish game Wreck Age.

Wreck Age

Wreck Age takes place in a world brought to the edge of destruction by ecological changes. The elite of humanity fled the planet, while those left behind fell into anarchy and despair. Now, generations later, it is your chance to form a warband and claw your way back.

The book, which is available in PDF and print, features 132 pages with revised rules and full-colour artwork.

It contains:

  • Everything you need to get started (except dice and miniatures) - with rules for campaign play, and a variety of encounters that you can jump right into.
  • Quick character generation - using Archetypes and a simple system called Resource Units to both create and advance your Characters, you can get your group scavenging The Wilds in a matter of minutes.
  • History and background information - explore the Merikan Wilds to their fullest. From the Washed Coast to the Glades, from the skeletal towers of Man Hadden to the colourful and chaotic sprawl of Esperanza, the fledgeling towns and crumbling cities make up the character of the world.
  • Campaign rules - allowing you to develop your crew into hard-shelled heroes (or villains) of The Wilds.
  • Community Creation and Structures - build your own community, quite literally. Playable Structures interact with characters on the tabletop, allowing you to expand your campaigns in directions never before seen in a tabletop miniature game.
  • 8 playable factions - and if you decide to go faction-less, and set off on your own, you can do that too!
    - Hyacinth Games

Wreck Age is a game that has been on our radar for quite some time. Its post-apocalypse style is very evocative and it is good to see it continuing to grow.

Is this a game you fancy giving a go?

"The elite of humanity fled the planet, while those left behind fell into anarchy and despair..."

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