The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms Now Available For Pre-Order

February 28, 2020 by brennon

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Modiphius has now added a whole bunch of pre-order products into the mix for those wanting to take part in The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms, be it in competitive or solo/cooperative play. You can get your hands on a bunch of goodies with their Starter Bundle.

Call To Arms Starter Pack - Modiphius

Pretty much all of the releases coming out of Modiphius for this game can either be brought as hard plastic or resin kits. So, you just have to dive in and choose which material you like the most. As we've discussed in previous articles, the set for Call To Arms is broken down into a Core Rules set which contains all of the gubbins alongside Starter Sets for the various factions dependant on what you want to play.

Getting Started

So, you can either get this big pack above or just get the Core Rules and then one of the Starter Sets for the Imperials who are seeking to cement their rule over the peoples of Skyrim...

Imperial Legion Starter Set - Modiphius

...or the Stormcloaks who are fighting to free Skyrim from the Imperial powers and make it a home for the Nords (and the Nords alone) once more.

Stormcloaks Starter Set - Modiphius

Whichever set you pick up, you'll get a lead character who will help you on your way alongside a trusted companion and a band of soldiers who are eager to cut the opponent down to size. I think of the two sets I would much prefer the Stormcloak one, and that's simply because I like the designs and sculpts better. Admittedly, that is also who I tend to side with when it comes to the Attack On Helgen in the video game but I still like their Viking aesthetic.

If you're more into solo and/or cooperative play then that is where the Delve Set comes in. This provides you with a model for the Dovakiin, outfitted in her traditional garb from the cover of the game, facing off against a band of Draugr that dwell within the barrows of Skyrim.

Bleak Falls Barrow Delve Set - Modiphius

I think that personally I would go for this set. I really like the idea of dungeon delving with the Dovahkiin and facing off against the undead as I hunt for treasures. Of course, I could do this by myself or get the Dragonborn Triumphant model as well and have two of us exploring the dreaded vaults of long-dead warlords.

Oh, and because I missed mentioning it above, the big Starter Bundle also comes with the Dragonborn Ethereal model which will be good for when you've cast a spell and want to fade into the background!


As promised, the team at Modiphius has also designed a bunch of awesome terrain to make you feel at home in Skyrim. You can get your hands on some awesome terrain which creates the location of Bleak Falls Barrows, that initial dungeon you run in Skyrim.

Bleak Falls Barrow Terrain Set - Modiphius

You can then also get a bunch of additional terrain which allows you to build the interiors and exteriors of this barrow, adding more character to your gaming table. As much as I like the miniatures above I have to say, this terrain is absolutely stunning.

Bleak Falls Barrow Scenic Set #1 - Modiphius

I think it's awesome seeing so much of The Elder Scrolls world come together in such a detailed way. It seems like all of the terrain pieces that we're seeing are crafted out of resin so bear that in mind of course. Oh, and make sure to snap up all manner of awesome treasures and stuff which have been included as part of these packs!

Bleak Falls Barrow Scenic Set #2 - Modiphius

So, if you're a massive Skyrim fan and want to dive in and live The Elder Scrolls, this seems like an absolutely brilliant start fo someone's collection. Pick up the flavour of models that you like the most and just dive in to have some fun.

How are you going to approach this game?

"Pick up the flavour of models that you like the most and just dive in to have some fun..."

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