Elladan Unleash The Cruel Master & His Attack Dogs

November 28, 2018 by brennon

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If you like playing as the bad guys then the folks at Elladan have worked on a new character for you to include in your Fantasy and Historical games. Check out the Bastard With Attack Dogs, ready to stab someone in the back and flay the flesh from their bones.

Bastard Of The North #1 - Elladan

If you hadn't already guessed this fellow is based on Ramsay Bolton from A Song Of Ice & Fire. You could certainly have this fellow be the leader of a warband of surly looking soldiers or as someone that you're trying to hunt down in a scenario instead if you're the good guys.

Bastard Of The North #2 - Elladan

Just make sure you don't get captured by him or you mind end up a sausage short of a full fry-up...if you get my meaning.

The Elladan team has worked on all manner of characters inspired by A Song Of Ice & Fire so it's worth looking through their range for some interesting characters.

What do you make of the Bastard?

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