Elspeth & Kiora Meet In The New Duel Deck Release For Magic

February 27, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

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Whether it's by land or by sea, another epic battle will ensue in the Multiverse of Magic the Gathering with the release of the latest Duel Deck set for Magic! Wizards of the Coast proudly announce that Elspeth vs. Kiora hit the scene today!

MTG elspeth vs kiora

MTG E vs K

A duel deck set offers a nice way for 2 players to hop right into a relatively even game of Magic- which is great, especially if you are new to the game. Building a strong deck can take time and be frustrating for a new player when they constantly take a beating playing others. On the flip side, even a seasoned player can appreciate the duel decks because you gain 2 planeswalkers automatically with a purchase- one of the few "sure things" in the buys for Magic. And though they are built for the purpose of keeping a balanced game, veterans can always tweak the decks to bring them up to a more competitive play level.

MTG Elspeth

MTG Kiora

There is a 3rd category of Magic players that will also appreciate this duel deck- the collector. I find myself in this category. Though I already have a Kiora, I still feel compelled to get this set. Why? Because I need it.

What has your experience been with Duel Decks?

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