Empress Miniatures Offer Up WWII Nurse For Charity

May 12, 2020 by brennon

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Empress Miniatures has decided to do their bit alongside Paul Hicks to help the NHS during this trying time. You can now get your hands on their NHS Charity Nurse, a perfect fit for those diving into some World War II wargaming.

WWII Nurse #1 - Empress Miniatures

Here is the background behind how this particular miniature came to be...

"After getting inspired by the fantastic work the NHS is doing, I decided to sculpt a figure. I found some pictures of Canadian medical staff and then I remembered a good friend Jenna Waiser told me that her Grandmother was a Canadian nurse who arrived on Juno beach. I sent the picture that I found and Jenna said: "that’s my grandmother! She has her name on her mug!". Well, I took this as a sign and sculpted a figure of Jenna’s Grandmother. She is seen in the centre of the original photograph below."

This is a brilliant looking miniature which is a perfect fit for the period and the times we're in at the moment. I'm not one to use war analogies when it comes to the COVID-19 crisis as they are very different beasts but the bravery of the nurses and medical staff back then is similar to the gruelling work that our NHS is having to suffer through now.

-5ebaa38f7db1d--5ebaa38f7db1eWWII Nurse #2 - Empress Miniatures.jpg

The miniature is currently available on their webstore right now HERE and the majority of the money raised will go to the British National Health Service charity. Not only would you be getting a fantastic miniature to suit a popular period of wargaming but you'd be helping out too.

Original Photo WWII Nurse - Empress Miniatures

Make sure to give this character another peek and consider picking her up to be used during your games. I think it would be particularly fun alongside some of the range from Bad Squiddo Games who have done quite a bit for the women of World War II.

Are you going to be picking this lady up?

"Make sure to give this character another peek and consider picking her up to be used during your games..."

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