Wreck Age Final Week On Kickstarter For Post-Collapse Vehicle Kits

April 10, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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We had a chance to catch up with Anton and Matt, from Hyacinth Games, at Adepticon recently to talk about Wreck Age and their Wreck Age: Post-Collapse Vehicle Kits Kickstarter.

WA vehicle painted render

They are in their final week on Kickstarter, and funded which means there's still a week to get in on this one and potentially unlock some awesome stretch goals.

WA cars1

One of our favourite things about this game is how much they guys are vested in its background and contents. They are very open to ideas and encourage dialogue from their fan base.

If there's something you really want to see in the game, whether it's game mechanics or models, they want to hear about it and it just may end up in the world!

WA motocycle1

The current KS brings the excitement of vehicles into the game, which means that not only can you add some bad ass looking vehicles to your survivors, but you can cover ground so much fast to secure objectives and gain the advantage over your enemies.

Of course, the cars look sweet, but I love the fact that they've given a nod to the fact that there are lots of other things out there that are considered "vehicles." Does it get you from point A to point B? Then technically it can be considered a vehicle.

WA horses

A great example of this are survivors on horses. May not be as Mad Max as the cars, but guess what? They don't require fuel that may be a challenge to come by. And there's plenty more alternative vehicles to consider, ATV's, buggies, trucks, etc.

WA roads

They've even included a really awesome Road bundle in the project so you can instantly transform the look of your table.

Will you be adding some Post-Collapse Vehicles to your collection?

"...there's still a week to get in on this one and potentially unlock some awesome stretch goals"

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