Eternal Crusade Reveal Pioneer Pack For Orky Players

November 1, 2014 by brennon

Eternal Crusade is going to be the big massively multiplayer game set in the Warhammer 40,000 world and as some of you might know the Free to Play model (or Free to Waaaagh!) is going to set you up as surly Orks. Well, to boost that experience they've also announced their Pioneer Packs...


The Pioneer Pack will give you...

  • 15,000 RTP (a $15 value in and of itself)
  • One Character slot (Ork only)
  • Special Helmet for the Pioneers only
  • Special Close Combat Weapon for the Pioneers only
  • Gives access to the First Blood! Badge
  • Gives access to the Pioneer Badge
  • Backpack cage with a Squig pet!
  • The ability to acquire additional bundles and get more RTP (Rogue Trader Points)
  • Access to the Founders’ Lounge in the forums.
  • Pioneers will have the ability to purchase access to the Early Game Module of Q1 2015 given to Founders. This special deal will come after the Founder’s 3rd wave, with exact timing to be determined. it makes you feel that little bit better as an Ork player with some fancy gear and nice options too. It's certainly a nice price point of entry if you're not that fussed about overly committing to the game but fancy giving a little and having some fun. I imagine there will be a good conversion rate of players who get really stuck into this.

This kind of 'choose how to play' option has worked for MMORPGs like Lord of the Rings Online and certainly works well in this day and age of digital gaming where people like to dip in and out of games.

Do you think you'll be a pioneer?

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