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February 25, 2021 by brennon

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Blacklist Games are returning to Kickstarter soon with their new game, Lasting Tales via Kickstarter in March. Alongside the release of the new game, you'll also be able to pick up the next set of Fantasy Series miniatures and we got a sneak peek at some of them!


Male Half-Elf Wizard // Blacklist Games

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The first set of miniatures we're going to be looking at are the heroes. One of the cool things about Lasting Tales is that it's a cooperative tabletop miniatures game inspired by roleplaying games like D&D so you'll get a chance to use characters like the Half-Elf Wizard above as part of an adventuring company with your friends.


Male Human Barbarian // Blacklist Games

As well as powerful spellcasters we also have this raging Barbarian (above) who has magnificent facial hair. I do like that both of the characters we've seen so far come posed in the midst of the action. The Wizard is getting ready to cast a spell whilst the Barbarian is getting ready to cleave someone in twain!

Monstrous Foes

As well a the heroes, you'll also be able to pick up a bunch of monsters as part of Fantasy Series 2 as well. You've got plenty of traditional monsters to choose from thanks to Fantasy Series 1 but Series 2 will drop a few more into the mix.


Gnoll Archer // Blacklist Games

For example, you're going to get five Gnoll Archers in the set which will be a good starting point for your tabletop adventures. Maybe they could have teamed up with some Orc Archers of which you get five also.


Orc Archer // Blacklist Games

Designed as one-piece figures, they will obviously be very useful in Lasting Tales but they could also be used beyond that in your D&D and Pathfinder games to name but two RPGs. A Dungeon Master always needs new fodder to throw at their friends.

Another of the quirky miniatures from the new set is going to be this Wraith which will be produced in dark blue translucent plastic.


Wraith // Blacklist Games

This is just a little peek at some of the new figures coming out soon from Blacklist Games via Kickstarter. You can find out more about what Lasting Tales is all about HERE but as someone who really likes their Fantasy adventures and enjoys a cooperative experience, it might be worth taking a peek at!

Lasting Tales Gameplay - Blacklist Games

Lasting Tales Game // Blacklist Games

With a small model count and the chance to get stuck in with a band of heroes played by your friends, it seems like it could be just what many folks need. We've seen a rise in solo and cooperative games through the likes of Rangers Of Shadow Deep, Frostgrave, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms and more so it's good to see another game enter the fray.

Are you liking the look of what they have planned so far?

"Are you liking the look of what they have planned so far?"

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