Expand Your Dystopian Wars Fleets With Frontline Squadrons

April 2, 2021 by fcostin

Dystopian Wars by Warcradle Studios is now in full swing, and there are a few factions readily available for you to embark on your next skirmish out on the open seas, and there are more coming too.

Dystopian Wars Elector Battlefleet // Warcradle Studios

The Covenant of the EnlightenedThe Commonwealth and the Prussian Imperium are all-ready with their Battlefleets released, to join the warpath on the tabletop. And the Celestian Empire will be joining this growing list of factions at the end of the month.

You may be somebody who has picked up the two-player starter set on release, or you may have picked up the Elector Battlefleet last month. So what options do you have for your fleets now?

Frontline squadrons are perfect for bolstering up your fleet. Included in a Battlefleet set, you will get your hands on the flagship for the faction along with a squadron to support. But, if you are looking to grow and expand your fleet further, the Frontline Squadrons which are now sold separately are the best way to do it.

Dystopian Wars Imperium Frontline Squadrons // Warcradle Studios

Dystopian Wars Imperium Frontline Squadrons // Warcradle Studios

You can now purchase the Covenant of the Enlightened and Commonwealth Frontline Squadrons, and the next cohort to support your Prussian Imperium fleet is ready to pre-order.

What are you looking forward to seeing from Dystopian Wars? 

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