New Expansions & A New Enemy Coming To Core Space

June 16, 2020 by brennon

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Battle Systems has been talking about the future of Core Space and what they have planned in terms of Kickstarters and beyond. They are looking to introduce a new foe into the mix, the First Born, as part of a project coming soon.

Iconoclast First Born - Core Space

Iconoclast First Born Artwork

There is plenty of background on this new race and what they bring to the world of Core Space HERE but this is just a snippet of what they are all about...

"The First Born were an ancient race from the very tip of the Perseus Arm. They lived many millennia ago, long before any of the species that inhabit the galaxy today. They evolved to become balanced with the environments they inhabited, unlike the current races that eat up the resources of their worlds like a virus before moving on."

This will be part of a new Kickstarter and a new Starter Set. This isn't a second edition but an alternative way for you to dive into the Core Space rules with new miniatures whilst also allowing you to play around with all of the models you already have in your collection.

You will be venturing into ancient First Born temples which means new terrain, new accessories and plenty of miniatures. Instead of the Purge chasing you down, it's the First Born that are out for your blood. You'll be able to play around with these crews in solo and co-operative adventures as well as your traditional versus encounters between you and a friend.

Traders, Space Ships & More

As well as the new Kickstarter for Core Space, you'll also be pleased to know there is a little more in the works too. Additional work is going into your space ships that you call home but you'll also meet new characters along the way too.

Balcor - Core Space.jpg

Balcor Concept Art // Core Space

I really like all of the designs from Battle Systems for the world of Core Space. There are some wonderfully inventive characters, alien races and more coming to tabletops soon and I desperately need to play more of this game I reckon.

Cassie - Core Space.jpg

Cassie Concept Art // Core Space

With a new core set, new miniatures, new terrain and rules for playing it in solo and co-operative modes, this seems like a pretty awesome Sci-Fi skirmish game to add to your library. Are you going to be checking this out when it hits?

Let us know; is Core Space is your game of choice?

"Let us know; is Core Space is your game of choice?"

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