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November 20, 2020 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 has open up options to buy and pre-order some new books to help build on your experience in Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. We start with Middenheim: City Of The White Wolf.

Middenheim City Of The White Wolf - Cubicle 7

Middenheim: City Of The White Wolf // Cubicle 7

This is another of their exceptionally in-depth tomes which explores the cities of The Empire and gives you loads and loads of adventure hooks for your ongoing adventures. I have been loving what Cubicle 7 has been producing of late and sourcebook like these are a brilliant resource to get you invested in a world, especially one as detailed as Warhammer.

  • A History of Middenheim: A timeline of events leading up to the present day, detailing the cities past as a stronghold of the Ulrican faith and one time home to the usurper Wolf Emperors
  • A Visitors Guide: Eighty pages of detailed locations, NPCs and plot hooks set throughout the city’s many districts
  • Dark Cults of Middenheim: A rundown on the cults and conspiracies that make Middenheim their home, any one of which could threaten the very fabric of political, cultural, or religious life in the city
  • The Duchy of Middenheim: Middenheim is more than just a city — it also commands the territories that surround it, as far away as coastal Nordland. The Duchy of Middenheim provides details on regions directly within ambit of the city, as well as the often fractious nobility that controls them
  • Bestiary, Characters and more: Additional beasts, new Character options for creating local adventurers, and the Wolf Kin career for those willing to embody the spirit of Ulric in all things.

I was able to flick through the book this week and it was quite the fascinating read. At someone who loves lore, it was packed with things that I didn't know or wanted to learn more about when it came to Ulric, Middenheim and how it fits into the political landscape of The Empire. There is even a section at the back of the book dedicated to a sport called Middenball!

Archives Of The Empire

As well as the new book, Middenheim: City Of The White Wolf, there are also pre-orders being taken for Archives Of The Empire: Volume One which explores more adventurous exploits.

Archives Of The Empire Volume I - Cubicle 7

Archives Of The Empire: Volume I // Cubicle 7

In Volume One you're going to be learning more about the various races that call The Empire their home.

  • Karak Azgaraz: An exploration of a Dwarf Hold that, though it has seen better days, still holds strong in mountains that loom beyond Ubersreik, at the very edge of the Empire
  • Imperial Dwarfs: While they think of the Karak’s as their true home, many a dwarf has never set foot on ancestral lands, instead of living at the very heart of the Empire
  • Halfling Clans: From Skelfsiders to Thorncobbles, Rumsters to Lowhavens, learn about the Empire’s Halfling very extended clans and multiple families
  • A Guide to the Mootland: Join the simple folk of the Mootland for a Grand Tour of their fertile province, its farms and villages, rivers and forests. Now, make sure to smear yourself with this or the Bramblebeaters will get you…
  • The Laurelorn: Delves into their politics, culture, and the threats that haunt this ancient colony of Elves, nestled between Nordland and the Wasteland, which survived to the modern-day.

This means looking at Dwarves that dwell around Ubersreik, Halflings and Wood Elves who all have their own storylines and fascinating background to unravel.

Both of these seem like ace options for those who are getting deeper and deeper into Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play adventures.

Are you tempted by these?

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