Explore Oneironaut – A Narrative RPG Played In Your Sleep!

January 6, 2022 by fcostin

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I am not sure if you all know, but one of my favourite hobbies is sleep! Being cosy and tapping into the brainbox of whimsy storage truly is something I love to do. I have spent years upon years decrypting what happens in there, stumbling across a gnome faction of blow-darts, a dangerous yet beautiful forest home to a wide variety of poisonous frogs. Both giant and tiny, of course.


Oneironaut // Not A Giraffe Studio

Quite often, people will ask me how I come up with the weird and wonderful whimsical breeds, races, objects and worlds, as creativity is something I and find myself incredibly passionate about. And the answer is simple - sleep!

Since I can remember, I have been writing down my dreams every morning, as a tool to aid in a positive impact on my mental health. My subconscious awakening after I close my eyelids - with enough practice and attention from my part. Inside was a dark and stabby, cute and cuddly universe, which became translated from the corners of my mind onto the tabletop worlds I have explored.

I stumbled across a wonderful RPG, combining solo aspects and interestingly enough - sleeping. So here's the interesting part, Oneironaut is played in your sleep.

You have control over the world that is created, as your brain assumes the role of both GM and player. As players wander into the dream world as an Ahiag̃ soldier in a battle against the Yurupari who want to claim dominance over the realm. Remember, it is your realm to shape with narrative provided for your subconscious to control.

Book Preview - Oneironaut

Game Summary // Oneironaut

You may be thinking, Free, I don't even remember my dreams! How am I supposed to play an RPG in my sleep?! The game teaches lucid dreaming techniques which will help the player gain grounding and control over the dream state. Each night before slumber, the player will be provided with a new mission for them to embark on when laying dormant, safe in the confines of beddom!

You can download the game straight from the Cezar Capacle website if you wanted to get started soon, or if you are interested in print you can purchase it from here.

If you have been trying to journey your way into lucid dreaming and explore the universe that your subconscious has built, this game will work as a fantastic tool to get you started.

Would you be interested in exploring the Oneironaut in your sleep?

"Players wander into the dream world as an Ahiag̃ soldier in a battle against the Yurupari who want to claim dominance over the realm..."

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