Explore Post-Apocalyptic Los Angeles In Wreck Age’s Shangri LA

August 12, 2016 by dracs

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Hyacinth Games have released a new background sourcebook for their post-apocalyptic game Wreck Age, taking players to the once great city of Los Angeles, renamed Shangri LA.


Shangri LA is presented as a mysterious and sinister location in Wreck Age, where the local economy is built upon indentured servitude, organ trafficking and fishing (never trust a fisherman), all ruled by the Shangri LA council.

This new sourcebook provides players with the background information they need to start exploring the area around post-apocalyptic LA, including details on various outside settlements, to various sub-groups and factions, such as the water-borne Gente Del Mar or The Cult of The Undying, the Stitcher community's eyes and ears, ruling Shangri LA from the shadows.


The Shangri LA sourcebook has been released in both soft cover and PDF format. It looks to provide a fairly in depth expose into this new setting for the game and should prove a valuable resource for players looking to start their new campaign. Personally, I just hope there are rules for surfing down the high street.

Escape from LA

Oh yeah!

Do you play Wreck Age? What settings would you like to see in the next sourcebook?

"I just hope there are rules for surfing down the high street..."

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