Explore The Woodlands Of PWork’s Latest Mat

April 14, 2019 by dracs

PWork have released a good, multi-purpose mat featuring the grassy ground of woodland meadows.

In their press release, PWork described the mat as:

...a woodland glade, where the grassland often alternates spaces of muddy soil and no vegetation, on a land at the edge of a forest, where ambushes and traps are commonplace. The mat is a perfect historical, fantasy or Sci-Fi settings, ideal for any kind of pitched battles, for large armies and small warbands!

Meadows and grasslands are, in some ways, the swiss army knife of gaming table set-ups and can be easily changed to fit with most genres.

It's good to see that PWork's woodland mat isn't just grassland though. There is a central patchy area, and flowers can be seen here and there. This is far more realistic, especially for an woodland area.

Personally, I would use this to create the edges of Fangorn Forest, where the band of Uruk Hai scouts were attacked by the Rohirrim.

What battlefields would you use this to recreate? 

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