New Faction Sets Available For Metal King Studio’s RelicBlade

April 20, 2018 by brennon

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Metal King Studio has put together new Faction Sets for you to use in RelicBlade. After some successful fundraising campaigns, they've now brought these models to their webstore for you to snap up.

The Lone Guard Faction Set - RelicBlade

The first two are expansion sets from their campaign which featured the rising darkness and some deadly looking undead creatures. You have The Lone Guard, which gives you some ranging heroes who head out into the wilderness to hunt down strange monsters and more.

We also have the Bones & Darkness Faction Set which brings to (un)life the shuddering skeletal creatures that you'll face as a band of adventurers on the tabletop.

Bones & Darkness Faction Set - RelicBlade

Three new warbands have also been thrown into the mix as well including my favourite, The Wilderkin.

Wilderkin Faction Set - RelicBlade

I love the look of this Fae force, even with the buckler on the large fellow's arm. I think the models are fun, charismatic and invite you to get stuck in with all manner of interesting paint schemes. You also have The Wretched Hive which brings some Lizardfolk into the mix.

The Wretched Hive Faction Set - RelicBlade

Hiding down in the sewers and ancient ruins of the world these creatures are dangerous, using their cruel weapons to not only bind animals into their service but trap others to do their bidding.

Last but not least we have the Battle Pigs set which adds their brutal War Pigs into the mix, a nice replacement for Orcs and Goblins within the world.

Battle Pigs Faction Set - RelicBlade

Are you going to be checking these new sets out and if so, which one is your favourite? As I've said I do like The Wilderkin although I am drawn to some Battle Pigs too!

Drop your thoughts below...

"Three new warbands have also been thrown into the mix as well including my favourite, The Wilderkin..."

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