Faction Spotlight for the Nasiers from Wrath of Kings

March 30, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

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Wrath of Kings

Cool Mini or not has released a video highlighting one of the factions for their game Wrath of Kings. This being release week they will be releasing one video each day to highlight each faction. Today's video gave us a quick and I mean quick (1 minute 8 seconds to be exact) look at the Nasier faction. These miniatures look like they were based on Feudal Japan warriors.


This is a skirmish miniatures game scalable from 10 to 50 miniatures. The miniatures look really good and we are excited to see more of this game. if you remember from a few weeks back Warren and Justin on the Weekender opened two of the factions and Warren picked the Teknes (Pig Warriors, literately) and Justin went with the Goritsi and the werewolf type miniatures.


Goritsi Skirmisher

The Wrath of Kings bug has also bitten us here on this side of the Atlantic as well, Gianna and I also got starter factions thanks to the wonderful VIG swag bags at this years' Adepticon. I chose the Goritsi as well (yeah Team Justin) and Gianna chose the Shael Han and with  their ancient Chinese look about them.

You can download the rules here and take a look for yourself if this game would interest you too. Oh, and see if you can recognize the narrator's voice.

Will you get stuck in too?

"The miniatures look really good and we are excited to see more of this game"

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