New Factions & Boosters Unlocked For Vesper-On’s Home Raiders

May 11, 2015 by brennon

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Vesper-On Game's Home Raiders is doing exceptionally well on Kickstarter and that means some factions have been unlocked. The fans have voted and it was the Lords of Dust who were unlocked first followed by the Fair Folk...

Penguins Of Power

The first of the factions unlocked as we mentioned above were the Lords of Dust which focuses on some really funny models like (from left to right) the Protectors, Royal Guards, Cleopetra, and the Scarab Master.

Lords of Dust Faction

Lords of Dust Booster

The other bonuses can be seen above which include a Priest and a range of Penguin Mummies. I think this is one of the funniest factions in the game and I can't wait to see the models. It's going to be fun seeing how they play on the tabletop and what other Penguins are going to join their ranks in the future.

Fey Folk

As well as those classy Penguins there's also the addition of the Fair Folk to the world of Home Raiders. I love the fact that you could go and play your games out in the garden with these folks...

Fair Folk Faction

Fair Folk Booster

As you can see the Fair Folk booster is still locked (at the time of writing) but it's going to include an angry Leprechaun and two Fauns. The actual faction box has a Centaur, Peter (of the Pan variety?), a Sylph and the Lost Ones might be part of them too.

Have you chosen a faction yet?

"I love the fact that you could go and play your games out in the garden with these folks..."

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