Be Famous In New Data Pack For Android Netrunner

August 8, 2015 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games are looking to make you famous in the latest Data Pack for Android: Netrunner. Old Hollywood gives NBN (the advertising mega-corporation) a new identity which limits the runner and more tricks for both sides...

Old Hollywood Datapack

As mentioned above the focus is on the entertainment industry in the world of Netrunner for both the Runner and the Corporations. It suddenly becomes a lot more about 'who' you know rather than what you know with some of these cards and the way they interact.

Old Hollywood Card Fan

The big thing about this pack however is the inclusion of Haarpsichord Studios. This ability for NBN stops the multi-access abilities of many Runners from being as effective.

We also start to see more blatant showing off from the corporations. Vanity Project is a six to advance, four point Agenda (the points you need to win the game) and while it might seem like a bit of an effort to score the Runner might run the risk of falling into quite the trap thanks to cards like Casting Call (taking tags).

Also with the likes Punitive Counterstrike out there suddenly the tracing abilities of NBN become more dangerous than before. That big Agenda you just scored becomes a target, not a prize.

I love the theme in this game!

"That big Agenda you just scored becomes a target, not a prize..."

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