Iconic Fantasy Wrestlers Join TTCombat’s Rumbleslam Range

November 7, 2022 by brennon

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TTCombat has fired up pre-orders for a new set of Fantasy wrestlers for use in their game, Rumbleslam. There are some super weird and wonderful miniatures for you to choose from that could change up your clashes in the ring.

Toxik - Rumbleslam

Toxik // Rumbleslam

The first of these miniatures is Toxik. Absolutely filled with scorpions, you won't want to get too close when the scrapping starts. The fact that Toxik is "hollow" means that he can't be beaten down. A solid option for you to use to keep your team in the game.

Next up, we go weird as mentioned! Steve has come from the stars and is ready to beam you up and then beat you down.

Steve - Rumbleslam

Steve // Rumbleslam

Steve comes with his sidekick known as simply Cow. He has a tractor beam for moving wrestlers around the ring but if you accidentally roll a blank during your endeavours then the target gets replaced with a cow. Oops. I like how this set shows off how weird and whacky the Rumbleslam world is. You've got all of these classic Fantasy elements and then Steve! I like how much fun the sculptors and designers have with Rumbleslam.

The Diamond Oasis can also draw on the rather moody-looking Sultan Marshmallow Fluffybutt III!

Sultan Marshmallow Fluffybutt III - Rumbleslam

Sultan Marshmallow Fluffybutt III // Rumbleslam

Looking to win without doing any of the hard work, this lovely kitty will actively bribe enemy wrestlers to not attack him on the tabletop. I like that the miniature is sculpted so that the Sultan is having a little bit of a strop. Someone clearly needs to sort this fellow out with some cat nip and a tummy scratch.

Going back to that more classic Egyptian look, we also have Tivali joining the Diamond Oasis.

Tivali - Rumbleslam

Tivali // Rumbleslam

Being one of the Tomb Guardians, this Sphinx can make sure that your friendly KO'd wrestlers don't end up being lifted or pinned. I would imagine that the addition of more limbs here means that there isn't much you can do to escape! I reckon that Tivali could pin you down and then beat you up without much effort!

Last but not least, we have the towering form of Babylon. This fellow is calm and collected and is able to offer some nice boons to your fellow wrestlers.

Babylon - Rumbleslam

Babylon // Rumbleslam

You will also be able to pummel your foes into the canvas nice and easily with Babylon being a towering golem. Anyone who ends up getting knocked down near Babylon can end up benefitting from their nap with the addition of more stamina.

Have you been playing much of Rumbleslam over the last while?

"Steve has come from the stars and is ready to beam you up and then beat you down..."

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