Fat Dragon Build Sewers for Ravenfell to Relief of All

November 28, 2014 by dracs

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The new paper terrain sewer set for Fat Dragon Games' range of fantasy gaming sets has been finished and released onto RPG Now.

Ravenfell Sewers

Ravenfell Sewers Beholder

Ravenfell Sewers Alligator

Yup, there are alligators in them there sewers, ready to snack on any unsuspecting dwarf who comes their way. The set also includes other goodies, such as rat swarms, a must for any fantasy sewer, hidden doors and even sections of flowing sewage. Lovely.

Fat Dragon Games have managed to come out with an interestingly varied and well detailed set of printable terrain throughout their Ravenfell range and this sewer set is an excellent example of this. Whether you're on a dungeon delving adventure or just venturing under the city to find out where the smell is coming from, this sewer set promises to be the perfect setting for adventure.

Dare you brave the depths of the Ravenfell Sewers?

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