The Fate Of Discworld Forms At Micro Art Studio

December 20, 2017 by dracs

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Another of Discworld's many gods is starting to take form at Micro Art Studio as sculptor Piotr Kupper shows the progress of Fate himself.


Fate Side

Fate Back

In a pantheon of beings that treat the Discworld's various denizens as little more than toys, and occasional lightning target practice, Fate may well be the coldest and most dangerous. If he decides to go against your favour, you may as well shake hands with Death. That is, of course, as long as a certain Lady doesn't take a shine to you...

The sculpt here is once again following the style of Paul Kidby's art, keeping to the classical Greek Gods.

Discworld Gods

Fate Art

While his face has yet to be sculpted, we should be seeing the Phoenician look coming through, although painting eyes as dark as night and flecked with stars may prove a challenge.

Which god are you most interested in seeing?

"Fate may well be the coldest and most dangerous [god]..."

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