Meet Scale75’s Father Of Asgard & His Mighty Hammer

May 3, 2016 by brennon

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Standing at 75mm in scale this new model from Scale75 is a rather impressive piece that would look at home on the shelf of anyone who has a love of Vikings and indeed Norse-style miniatures of any kind, be their Fantasy or Historical. Meet The Father Of Asgard...

Father Of Asgard #1

This miniature appears to take a bit from Thor and Odin in its design. He carries around the massive hammer you see here but also has the eye patch that most people come to associate with the big guy himself.

Father Of Asgard (Close)

As you get a better look at the miniature you see its a very nicely detailed piece. The painting here Julio Cabos really brings the sculpt (by Ali Jalali) to life and I love the work on both the exposed muscles and the armour/clothes he's wearing.

The cracks in the hammer too, showing its battle-worn nature are also a nice touch.

Father Of Asgard #2

While he might not be small enough to use on the tabletop I could see him being a great addition to a hobbyists cabinet. Maybe he could also just sit on the sidelines and judge your use of his warriors from afar.

What do you think?

"This miniature appears to take a bit from Thor and Odin in its design..."

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