Fear Not Citizen For More Sculpts Are Here For Pulp City

July 25, 2014 by dracs

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The guys at Pulp City are quite excited as they have just got sculpts for minis which hadn't been an initial part of their latest Kickstarter, including the citizens of Pulp City itself.

Citizens Family

As you can see, the whole family is now here, excluding the dog who will probably be appearing in a future update. The inclusion of these citizens is something I am particularly happy to see, as I think they will add an extra fun element to gameplay and open up other scenario options. But just what could they be running from?


Yikes! Yeah, that's probably it. This is Grimbun-bun, and I think he is perhaps the creepiest model in the entire Pulp City range, and that's saying something. Still doesn't lessen my love for the Grim though.

What scenarios can you think of using the Pulp City citizens?

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