Take On Glimmerwing in Super Dungeon Explore!

January 4, 2015 by dracs

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A pair of new production miniatures have appeared on the Kickstarter for Super Dungeon Explore, including a faerie dragon mini-boss named Glimmerwing.


Glimmerwing Stat Card

Glimmerwing will be available in the Emerald Valley Warband and is an interesting take on the usual dragon. It's very recognisable as one of these mythical monsters, but its butterfly wings and rose bud tail make it very unique and stand out from other flying lizards.

As well as Glimmerwing, a new hero is available for players of Super Dungeon Explore to bring along on their adventure, the Freyjan Mage Tabbybrook.


Tabbybrook Stat Card

Tabbybrook is one of those almost sickeningly adorable designs that epitomises the chibbi anime style that Super Dungeon Explore goes for. As a hero, Tabbybrook serves well as a support character, but can also handle herself when the vicious faerie dragons turn up.

Do you play Super Dungeon Explore? Will either of these minis be turning up in your adventures?

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