Fight Zombies in Style from Studio Miniatures!

July 9, 2014 by stvitusdancern

I know  this one is a little off the wall, but I had to report on this for one big reason, I love Miami Vice (the TV show, not the movie) if you couldn't tell by my screen name (St Vitus Dance RN, the name of the sailboat in Miami Vice)  and while doing my morning rundown of gaming/miniature news I came across some new miniatures from Studio Miniatures.

OK, they call them the Daytona Duo - the human survivors, but look at them and they sure do look like the most famous undercover vice cops ever: Crockett and Tubbs.


They also have other sets to include the most popular zombie fighting family today.


And, hey when you have no one else to turn to, you can always call Baraca and the Boys:


They have many sets that are obviously plays on characters from TV and movies and some even from our beloved childhood.


So the zombie apocalypse even has Santa taking up arms and kicking zombie butt.

I know all of you creative folks can come up with games you could add these unusual miniatures with, but I thought these were just too good to pass up not sharing.

I know I will definitely be ordering the Daytona Duo for a rule set I am going to create about some undercover cops in a warm tropical city fighting high roller drug dealers. I wonder if it would work?

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