Fireforge Games Preview New Fantasy & Historical Miniatures

March 2, 2021 by brennon

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Fireforge Games has been previewing what they've been getting up to behind the scenes as they look to expand upon both their Fantasy and Historical collections. We'll start with Fantasy and the Stone Realm as we got a peek at the Rambukk Riders.

Rambukk Riders Standard - FireForge Games

Rambukk Riders Standard Bearer // Fireforge Games

These particular miniatures, building on their Forgotten World collection, are going to be funded via a new Kickstarter soon. As you might have noted, these soldiers are a little squatter than your average human and ride around on some very grizzled looking goats.

Rambukk Riders Alt - FireForge Games

Rambukk Riders // Fireforge Games

I really like the design of these new units which bring the blackpowder awesomeness of Dwarves to the tabletop but in a different way. I like the style of their armour which steps away from Dark Age designs and instead embraces a more Medieval look. It should work well really nicely with the rest of the Forgotten World collection.

New Historical Miniatures

As well as the foray into the realm of Fantasy, we also have some new Historical miniatures coming up too. Leading the way is a band of Almogavars Spearmen.

Almogavars Spearmen - FireForge Games

Almogavars Spearmen // Fireforge Games

The Almogavars were lightly-clad and quick-moving soldiers that failed from various places like the Kingdom of Aragon, the Principality of Catalonia, the Kingdom of Valencia, the Crown of Castile and the Kingdom of Portugal. Originally formed from farmers and shepherds who brought their hardy nature to the battlefield they were then formed into a mercenary unit that served in Italy, Greece and the Levant.

As well as the spearmen, we also have a set of Turcopole for those venturing off on crusade.

Trucopoles - FireForge Games

Trucopoles // Fireforge Games

These cavalry soldiers were recruited from different regions and used as mounted archers and light cavalry by the Byzantine Empire and the different Crusader states. They have quite the storied history during the Medieval period and even have connections to the Knights Templar.

Whether you're interested in History or Fantasy, the folks at Fireforge seem to have you covered!

"...these soldiers are a little squatter than your average human and ride around on some very grizzled looking goats"

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