Fireforged Dweghom & Their Herald March Into Conquest

September 4, 2020 by brennon

The team at Para Bellum Wargames has another new set of miniatures coming up for pre-order this weekend as the Dweghom gain a new hero and also some hardened infantry too. Leading the way we have the Herald Of Fire, a red hot addition to your army on the Path Of Conquest.

Dweghom Herald Of Fire - Conquest

Dweghom Herald Of Fire // Conquest

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Whilst a lot of the Dweghom forces excel and maximising their defensive capabilities, the Herald Of Fire specialises in offense. He is able to drop the Fury Drawn Event into the mix which will most benefit those who bring together an elite warrior force of specialised soldiers. Also, how could you pass up a Dweghom with a flaming beard and seriously "metal" armour?

The Fireforged Unleash Hell

As well as the Herald Of Fire above, you've also got the Fireforged who offer up a new ranged option for the Dweghom on the tabletop.

Dweghom Fireforged - Conquest

Dweghom Fireforged // Conquest

This new option allows you to now not only short-range elements to your Dweghom army but also long-range ones too. This gives you a look at the seriously powerful technology that the Dweghom can bring to bear against their foes. As well as being able to tackle enemies from afar these warriors can also deal with their foes in close combat too if required.

Are you going to be considering these Dweghom as you expand your force?

"Are you going to be considering these Dweghom as you expand your force?"

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