Fireforge’s Stone Realm Dwarves Coming To Kickstarter In April

March 24, 2021 by brennon

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Fireforge Games are going to be coming to Kickstarter in April with their new Stone Realm Dwarves for use with their Fantasy wargame, Forgotten World. These 28mm miniatures are going to be part of a campaign looking to fund both plastic and resin Dwarves!

Runelaerde - Fireforge Games

Runelaerde // Fireforge Games

One of the latest miniatures to get previewed by the folks at Fireforge is this Runelaerde. They are certainly embracing the Scottish feel for these new bearded warriors with a touch of the classic Nordic feel in their runes and such. This chap is going to be one of the core characters for the force and will be produced in resin.

As well as the new resin miniatures, we also had a peek at some of the plastic kits which are also coming to the tabletop. There is definitely a great "Renaissance" feel to their armour design and I do like those big feathers in their hats!

Command Option - Fireforge Games

Command Option // Fireforge Games

It looks like there are a lot of different weapon options available throughout the Stone Realm range. You're going to be getting regular hand weapons, two-handed weapons and more to create a diverse Dwarf force on the tabletop.

Dwarf Warriors - Fireforge Games

Dwarf Warriors // Fireforge Games

There is plenty to like about the miniatures they've got for you to use as ranged options too. The classic Dwarf Crossbow is in the mix for their rangers...

Dwarf Crossbowmen - Fireforge Games

Dwarf Crossbowmen // Fireforge Games

...and there are also some riflemen for you to check out too! Who wouldn't want to play around with a set of Dwarf Fusiliers gunning down big monsters?

Dwarf Fusiliers - Fireforge Games

Dwarf Fusiliers // Fireforge Games

We've also looked at their cavalry before, the Rambukk Riders, so you've got a very holistic approach coming from Fireforge. I think it would be very nice to snap up this army and use it for the likes of Kings Of War, Oathmark, Warlords Of Erehwon and more.

Rambukk Riders - Fireforge Games March

Rambukk Riders // Fireforge Games

To give you an idea of just how they work alongside some Games Workshop miniatures and their own Forgotten World range, here is a scale comparison they shared on social media.

Stone Realms Scale Comparison - Fireforge Games

Stone Realms Scale Comparison // Fireforge Games

I think they look stumpy, squat, angry and with very nice beards. Everything you could want when it comes to making a Dwarf army. They look to have created a range that is in keeping with the classic Dwarf look whilst also trying something new too.

Are you tempted to save some funds for this campaign next month?

"They look to have created a range that is in keeping with the classic Dwarf look whilst also trying something new too..."

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