First Previews For North Star’s Rangers Of Shadow Deep Range

April 11, 2019 by brennon

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North Star Military Figures shared the first images of the miniatures that they are going to be designing for use in Rangers Of Shadow Deep. We got our first look at one of the Rangers modelled on the cover for the book.

Rangers Of Shadow Deep Ranger - North Star

This fellow looks just as grizzled as you might have imagined one of the Rangers to look. I love the cloak and hood combination, the style of the sword and the expression on his face, as if he's had quite enough of dealing with zombies!

Rangers Of Shadow Deep Ranger (Alt) - North Star

I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on these miniatures to start painting them. They're going to work really nicely alongside the plastic models that already exist for the game. However, I think the metal is going to allow them to get that extra level of detail into the core aspect of your warband, namely the Ranger.

Monstrous Flies

As well as the Ranger we also got a preview of one of the Flies that they're going to be creating for the game.

Rangers Of Shadow Deep Fly - North Star

These pop up in one of the early missions in the game and give you something horrible to deal with! Unlike many flies which are just a nuisance, these will come and try and chew on you! It looks like the team are going to be doing what we all hoped, namely dealing with some of the harder to find miniatures from the adventures.

I am very excited about this range as I mentioned earlier and just can't wait to get painting!

What do you want them to work on?

"I am very excited about this range!"

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