Five New Heroes Find Their Way To The Guild Ball Pitch

April 16, 2019 by brennon

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Steamforged Games has put forth five new heroes for those diving into Guild Ball. Each of them will hit tabletops in May. We start off with the ace striker known as Corbelli.

Corbelli, Ace Striker - Steamforged Games.png

This fellow is looking very swish indeed, someone who has decided that the best way to get by on the pitch is to be lithe and dextrous.

"Corbelli might be one the best players to ever lace up their boots on the field, a born leader ready to make his mark on the game he loves. Under their captain’s vigilant gaze his team is transformed into the very vision of a modern football side, moving strategically around the pitch and breaking the opposition defence wide open."

I like to think that with him holding that finger up he's either pointing out that he's just scored a goal or that you need to be quiet!

Golden Ale & Golden Boots

Next up we're looking to a character who has truly embraced the need to be big, brash and bold. Check out Corker!

Corker - Steamforged Games

He might look like a hefty gentleman that you wouldn't want to cross...and you'd be right, but he is also cheerful and friendly if you get on the right side of him.

"A great hulking mountain of a man, with a deep booming laugh to match his thick neck and barrel chest, Corker has never been a shy figure amongst his kin. Always ready to break open a keg and share out the contents with his teammates, the Northman is rightly feared and admired in equal measure."

I think that this fellow would be great to paint up, working on the kilt and also maybe a bit of tattoo work along his back perhaps?

Industrious & Tough

Next up we have Rivet, The Ironsoul. This lady is ready to use her rather heavy looking chain to smash aside her foes on the pitch.

Rivet The Ironsoul - Steamforged Games

One thing that is interesting about these players is that whilst they are all meant to be quite dynamic characters they don't have a lot of movement to their sculpts.

"Determined, dependable, and strong, Rivet is a powerhouse on the field that isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in alongside her crew. Leading her team downfield like a battering ram, the opposition will soon come to respect the unorthodox approach to how her team plays the game"

They look great of course, but I would have liked each of these characters to be a little more dynamic. As if they are actually engaged in the act of playing Guild Ball.

Setting Sail

Lastly, we have a duo for you with Culverin The Silver Admiral & Cutlass Sly Privateer.

Culverin The Silver Admiral & Cutlass Sly Privateer - Steamforged Games

This pair, more so than the others that have been released, are much easier to use as miniatures away from the Guild Ball pitch. I think these would make for fantastic characters to use in role-playing games.

"Culverin has made her fortune and fame far from the pitch as the Silver Admiral, a well-respected leader of a fleet powerful enough to rival that of a Sovereign State. She arrives now to the fields of Guild Ball to master and command her team instead, heralded by the titanic blast of cannon fire and a deadly burst of grapeshot...

Drafted in the Free Cities Draft Community Event, Cutlass might not have been the Blacksmith’s Guild’s first choice but she’s certainly here to establish she was the right one! Working in tandem with Culverin to protect her team’s goal, the Sly Privateer apprentice is a perfect accompaniment to her master."

Of all of the miniatures from this set of releases, I think that this pairing might be my favourite.

Which of the five miniatures do you prefer?

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"I would have liked each of these characters to be a little more dynamic..."

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