Footsore Miniatures Release New Characters To Lead Your Warband

June 4, 2019 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures has been showing off some of their newest character releases which cover a range of different games and time periods. The first of these is Erik 'The Red' Thorvaldsson, the Norse explorer.

Erik The Red Thorvaldsson - Footsore Miniatures

So, if you're looking for someone to lead your Viking expedition to go and settle Greenland then this fellow is the one you need. I do like the idea of having him leading a warband to go and claim this new territory, then fighting against those that may have followed in his wake perhaps.

Monks & Swordmasters

As well as this peek into the Viking age there's also a pair of Japanese warriors for their Warring Clans collection. The first is Benkei, Warrior Monk.

Benkei Warrior Monk - Footsore Miniatures

A famous warrior in the service of Minamoto Yoshitsune, Benkei was a rogue warrior and has become engrained in the folklore and history of Japan. His exploits are well known throughout the country and he has found a place in popular culture as well as in the history books.

As well as Benkei there's also this Master Swordsman, Honda Yoshihito. As part of the Honda clan Yoshihito he has few rivals when it comes to fighting with a sword.

Honda Yoshihito Kensei Master Swordmaster - Footsore Miniatures

I love the posing for the character, drawing his katana to strike at someone charging towards him. If you're getting into Test Of Honour once again this would be a fantastic character to lead your new warband.

The Last Viking

As well as these new characters there's also a new promotional miniature from Footsore. Meet Harald Hardrada.

Harald Hardrada Promo - Footsore Miniatures

As the warrior king who fought from the North of Europe down to the Middle-east and back again, Hardrada was a force of nature. He did, however, meet his end during the year 1066 at the Battle Of Stamford Bridge. Maybe you could change his fortunes and see whether or not the Viking Age could have continued, even with the ever-present threat of the Normans.

Will you be grabbing any of these characters?

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