Footsore Release New Shieldmaidens & Viking Skirmish Force

July 4, 2018 by brennon

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Footsore Miniatures has now released their set of Viking Shieldmaidens starting with the Viking Valkyrie and her Banner Bearer...

Viking Valkyrie & Banner Bearer - Footsore Miniatures

With sword and shield at the ready, hunkered down amidst the shield wall, she looks like she would be a deadly warlord to fight in combat. The Banner Bearer is also very cool and you could almost combine the two into a diorama if you wanted to I reckon.

We also have the set of Shieldmaidens which were previewed last week by Footsore. Each of them has a lot of swagger about them I think!

Viking Shieldmaidens - Footsore Miniatures

A nice mix of armour types, weapon choices and helmet designs means that you get some more individual looking warrior women to use in your games. Again, it's getting very hard not to get together a full-on Shieldmaiden force for SAGA II.

Raiding Force

As well as the Shieldmaidens above we mentioned they'd also created a new Skirmish Warband for SAGA. Well, here is the bundled pack.

Viking Skirmish Warband SAGA -Footsore Miniatures

Inside you get the Warlord and his Banner Bearer, both amazing models, two sets of Warriors with their spears at the ready and then two bands of Heathguard which could be mixed and matched to create a set of Berserkers and another as standard heavily armoured bodyguards.

What do you think of these new offerings to Odin?

"Each of them has a lot of swagger about them I think!"

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