Forbidden Power Hits Age Of Sigmar Soon With A BIG Box

May 14, 2019 by brennon

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Forbidden Power is coming to the world of Age Of Sigmar soon as the next chapter of the Soul Wars saga is uncovered by Games Workshop. The set is going to be available this weekend, packed with all sorts of goodies.

Forbidden Power - Age Of Sigmar

Included within the set you get a bunch of interesting plastic kits to help you enact the various events that have begun after the opening of the Stormvault. The first of these is the Penumbral Engine which you can see at the back there, a terrain piece that any army can take...and we're not sure what it does just yet!

You also have lots of new Endless Spells which tap into the spirit of death which has been finding its way into all corners of the Mortal Realms.

Forbidden Power Spells - Age Of Sigmar

They are all looking suitably heroic and over the top, just what you need for big games of Age Of Sigmar which are played out on an epic scale.

Inside The Book!

The book itself is the key feature of this release however with new rules but most importantly additional background on how the opening of the Stormvault has affected the ongoing storyline.

Forbidden Power Book - Age Of Sigmar

The new direction of the story will change the Mortal Realms and your armies forever. The opening of the Stormvault not only unleashed all sorts of wild magics into the world but might end up swinging the balance in favour of some of these scheming gods too.

You will get access to powerful magical artefacts which you can power up between battles during the campaign set within its pages and Stygxx, a Realm Of Battle, has been opened for you to clash in.

New combined forces are also part and parcel of the new update with ways to create different themed forces based around different regions of the Mortal Realms. Also, Mercenary Rules are included within these pages for the first time, soon to be expanded in the General's Handbook.

Towering Terrain

You've seen this already in the news most likely but as well as the main set you'll also get access to new terrain pieces which show off the work done by Sigmar's forces to bring order to the Mortal Realms.

Forbidden Power Terrain - Age Of Sigmar

As well as a new modular terrain set which can go together in all sorts of interesting combinations you'll also be able to throw things around on the tabletop with some scatter terrain.

Forbidden Power Scatter Terrain - Age Of Sigmar

This lets you set things in an urban environment where the cities and temples of Sigmar are your battlegrounds. Perhaps they are under siege by the forces of Nagash and Death?

Are you tempted by Forbidden Power?

"This lets you set things in an urban environment where the cities and temples of Sigmar are your battlegrounds..."

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