Forge World Stock Up On Ammo With Ragnir Gunnstein

July 21, 2019 by brennon

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Forge World is stocking up on ammo with the rather awesome looking Ragnir Gunnstein who is coming to join your gangs in Necromunda.

Ragnir Gunnstein #1 - Forge World

Ragnir Gunnstein is another in a long line of Squats to find himself not extinct and in fact doing a roaring trade in the world of Necromunda. As long as you are nearby to him he will be able to make sure you get to re-roll your failed ammo checks and keep you in the fighting for a little bit longer.

I have to say that he also looks like a total badass with that big gun and a wrench which he has no doubt used to batter a few fools into submission.

Ragnir Gunnstein #2 - Forge World

Now, you just need to find a use for him in your crew. As a few people have mentioned online, he does remind me a lot of Torbjörn from the Overwatch video game, and that is no bad thing! Let's hope we see more Squats making the leap over from the 'specialist games' and back into the mainstream.

What do you make of Ragnir?

"...he does remind me a lot of Torbjörn from the Overwatch video game"

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