Frostgrave: The Red King Expansion Coming December 2020

August 18, 2020 by brennon

Osprey Games' and Joseph A. McCullough's Frostgrave 2nd Edition isn't even out yet (watch out for it in August) and we already have a peek ahead at what's coming for this fantastic Fantasy skirmish wargame. The Red King is going to be expanding your campaigns in December.

Frostgrave The Red King - Osprey Games

Frostgrave: The Red King // Osprey Games

Here is the blurb from the back of the book (taken from it's Amazon listing) to get your mind racing about the possibilities...

"Fires rage throughout the Frozen City as an inhuman army pours out of the cracks between realities. In the distant past, a cabal of city elders sought to save their lives by making a pact with a demon prince. and now the Red King has come to collect what he is owed, claiming Frostgrave as his own. Many have already fled before the Red King's demonic hordes, while others seek to weather the storm, turning their bases into makeshift fortresses. The wizards of Frostgrave must choose - do they stand and fight, or do they abandon this great repository of mystical knowledge to the ravages of unearthly fire?

The Red King is the first supplement designed for Frostgrave: Second Edition. In this sprawling, epic campaign, wizards will be pushed to their limits, fighting not only against one another and the perils of the Frozen City, but also against an invading army. As the Red King's power grows, the laws of magic and nature will start to bend. Can the wizards put aside their differences long enough to oppose this common foe, or will greed and mistrust doom them all?"

I do like the idea that we're already getting a big epic campaign to dive into when it comes to Frostgrave 2nd Edition. Throwing another villain into proceedings seems like a great way to force a bit of cooperation between Wizards as they seek for riches in the Frozen City. It also provides plenty of chances for you to backstab your competitors and leave them to the whims of The Red King and his armies.

The new edition of Frostgrave is just around the corner and I think a lot of folks are going to be diving back into the Frozen City for another campaign...or two!

What do you think of The Red King from this peek ahead?

"What do you think of The Red King from this peek ahead?"

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