Battle Across A Frozen Installation With Deep-Cut’s New Mat

May 14, 2020 by brennon

Deep-Cut Studio has a new mat which is primed for use with your Sci-Fi games which have an air of mystery about them. See what you make of the new Coldstorm Mat which hit their webstore this week.

Coldstorm Design #1 - Deep Cut Studio

The Coldstorm Mat comes in a range of different sizes and gives you the impression of a frozen installation deep within a wintery biome somewhere. Perhaps this is simply showing the snow and ice reclaiming the buildings put there by interlopers and explorers or could it be a lost alien technology now being revealed?

Whilst, of course, this would be perfect for the likes of Infinity, I also think it would be neat if used for a different Sci-Fi game. Imagine if this was actually a Forerunner installation from the Halo universe for example, where the threat of alien machines is always on the cards.

-5ebd08e95f0f1--5ebd08e95f0f3Coldstorm Design #2 - Deep Cut Studio.jpg

The mat looks suitable for a lot of different games and with the right degree of imagination, it could be built up and packed with terrain or left as a more open, natural landscape instead. What do you think you'd do with this particular mat?

Drop your thoughts below...

"What do you think you'd do with this particular mat?"

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