Full Metal Miniatures Preview US Brown Water Navy

September 26, 2019 by avernos

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Full Metal Miniatures have been showing off some upcoming releases for the Vietnam war.

The US Brown water navy have an incoming PBR, a few months ago they show cased this render of how they planned it to look and as a concept it looked fantastic with the water breaking around the hull it gave a great sense of a boat in motion, maybe unrealistic for a mini, but a fantastic showcase...

Fast forward several months and the first prints of the render are available prior to manufacture, and I was wrong about the water.


The Patrol Boat, Riverine, will be a resin metal kit and Full Metal Miniatures have included both the water breaking off the bow of the ship and a wake to the stern of it.

PBR Wake

As you can see the water will cast in resin separately so it can be attached or left off depending on your whim or game you are playing. The initial cast and detailing is crisp and ready to patrol the Mekong Delta or drop off a small team in search of a rogue colonel.

Full Metal Miniatures are also working on a Mark 5 Centurion and have showcased the first cast of it as they get ready to reinforce the ANZAC forces in Vietnam. I'll leave you with this teaser to whet your appetite for the ongoing work from FMM.

Centurion Mk5 Plough

If you're interested in refighting Vietnam on the tabletop Full Metal Miniatures ever-growing range is one to keep an eye on.

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