Galactic Transmission Issue #2 Now Available From Traders Galaxy

August 30, 2021 by avernos

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Well in July Anthony released the first of Traders Galaxy's digital magazines with the promise that it would become a regular bi-monthly if people wanted it, and it seems like the masses have spoken and the brand spanking new second edition of Galactic Transmission is now available. So let's take a look at what people can expect from issue 2.

Space Chimps // Traders Galaxy

This issue weighs in at a whopping 89 pages and kicks off with the news on upcoming releases for all of the TG games, which extends beyond the giant stompy robots that we all know and love. After the news, Anthony gets into a feature piece on the Space Chimps (pictured above) and how Traders Galaxy came to be. If you've ever wanted to turn your washing machine into a spin caster then this article may be the push you needed to tip it over and get to casting.

Joel Copeland // Galactic Transmission

There are two Colour Theory articles, the first by Joel Copeland painting up the Deceiver Scope and the second by Stuart Thomas on painting the Infesters for the studio photography. Both of these articles are in-depth and full of photography to help show the techniques being used to make copying them very easy. I also love that the two artists have very different styles and techniques and yet the finished results both showcase the models and at the same time are achievable for people with differing skill sets. These are not the only hobby articles as there is a conversion feature on a Beastlord in the Code Factory, that is a simple step by step to introduce people to kitbashes and conversions.

Infesters // Stuart Thomas

It's not all modelling and painting mind you, after Stuart's showcase on how to paint them there is a deep dive into the lore of the Infesters and where they came from finishing off with a piece of fiction about them by Steven Remington. This is one of several pieces of fiction in this issue, along with some comics on the newest faction the Trashers.

Power Boost brings a new scenario, these are not meant to be balanced and often contain rules that may be a little off-kilter for some factions but as Anthony himself says

Sometimes this may be stuff that never made a rulebook cut, stuff I just made up on the fly, or stuff that sits in the back of my mind for a while and every now and then I bring it forward to think on it some more. In every instance though, Power Boost articles are about having fun.

Ben Williams // Community Spotlight

There is so much more to look at in the magazine, but I couldn't go without highlighting Ben Williams stunning work on his Democracy and Red Star Nation that you can see a mere glimpse of above. If you are interested in any of what is going on down under with Traders Galaxy I suggest you stick your hand in your pocket and throw some digital dollars at them for this magazine. It is an absolute bargain for what you're getting and I feel like Ned Kelly for getting away with this.

In the editorial, Anthony states that they are still trying to get the magazine into a format that works and are still after feedback and contributions so why not pick it up and get involved Sundancer?

Are you going to be giving this a read?

"It is an absolute bargain for what you're getting and I feel like Ned Kelly for getting away with this..."

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