Fight Out The Gallic Wars In 10mm AND Paper With Peter’s Paperboys

August 2, 2022 by brennon

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Peter's Paperboys have expanded their paper-crafted wargaming range with a new set of releases for Ancient-era wargamers. Want to play out the Gallic Wars in 10mm? They have a selection of paper miniatures for you!

10mm Ancient Armies - Peters Paperboys

10mm Ancient Armies // Peter's Paperboys

The focus here is on giving you massive armies to play out grand-scale battles on the tabletop. There are some great rules out there for playing games in 10mm and with this set you should have two big armies for Rome and the Gauls without a massive outlay.

10mm Romans - Peters Paperboys

10mm Romans // Peter's Paperboys

Inside the set, you'll get ranks and ranks of Roman Infantry with different shield patterns plus Roman Skirmishers armed with bows and slings. There is also a contingent of Numidian Cavalry and Infantry that have been drafted in to fight alongside you as Auxiliaries.

10mm Roman Auxilary - Peters Paperboys

10mm Romans // Peter's Paperboys

You also get the Command figures for your Romans plus Chariots, Elephants and more. On the Gallic side of things, you get masses and masses of Infantry that are designed in close formations and spread out as Skirmishers if you prefer.

10mm Gauls - Peters Paperboys

10mm Gauls // Peter's Paperboys

You also get thundering Cavalry options that are armed with short-ranged weapons and close combat weapons for when they crash into the enemy. You obviously also get your Commander miniatures that will be trying to keep a leash on this massed horde of warriors.

Additionally, you'll also find a selection of markers for use in your games and also some fun terrain pieces too. These would be great for games like Strength & Honour where, whilst the game is 2mm at its heart, it also works with larger scales if you prefer.

10mm Paper Terrain

As well as the camps available in the core Gallic Wars bundle, you can also buy 10mm terrain separately starting with this Ancient Gaul set.

Ancient Gaul 10mm Terrain - Peters Paperboys

Ancient Gaul 10mm Terrain // Peter's Paperboys

There is also a set of General Terrain that could be used to mark out the extent of your Roman expansion on the tabletop and the target for ravening hordes of Gallic warriors.

General 10mm Terrain - Peters Paperboys

General 10mm Terrain // Peter's Paperboys

As with all of the Peter's Paperboys collection, once you have downloaded the files you can print these as much as you like. So, for £12 you can get yourself a massive selection of Romans and Gauls for use in as many different Ancient wargames as you like.

All that you need to keep in mind is that you'll want to be patient when cutting all of these out and sticking them together. At least there's no painting involved though! It's great to see more of that amazing Peter Dennis art on the tabletop with this collection.

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"It's great to see more of that amazing Peter Dennis art on the tabletop with this collection..."

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