Ready The Galloper Guns For Warlord’s Pike & Shotte

May 14, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games has prepared two new options for those bringing bigger guns into the mix for Pike & Shotte. The first release is the Galloper Gun.

Pike & Shotte Galloper Gun #1 - Warlord Games

The Galloper Gun was used as quick and mobile fire support during the period. Most cannons and big guns were slow and ponderous but the ingenious engineers of the period worked out a way to strap a smaller gun up to a horse and have it ride around with the cavalry.

This meant it could be deployed, fired, packed up and moved around to wherever the army needed it. Want to get a flanking shot on that block of infantry? Hook this up, move it around the battlefield and make them pay!

Limber Up

In order to make the transport of these guns easier on both men and beasts, they could also get a Gun Limber as you can see here.

Pike & Shotte Gun Limber - Warlord Games

This meant that the guns could be transported around without too much strain on the operators, allowing them to remain fighting fit when battle was joined.

Will you be picking up some of these for your Pike & Shotte force?

"Want to get a flanking shot on that block of infantry?"

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