The Game Of Thrones LCG Is Called To Arms By FFG

March 30, 2016 by brennon

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Another new collection from the second cycle of Chapter Packs has been spoiled by Fantasy Flight Games for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Called To Arms brings some very interesting agendas to the game and a variety of ways in which you can approach your struggles against the enemy...

Called To Arms

Inside this pack we have two new Agendas but we'll get back to that soon. First up we have the card fan to take a look at which is decidedly interesting for me being a Stark and Night's Watch fan.

Called To Arms Card Fan

Craven is a great looking card which will be perfect for stopping those deadly foes attacking your Wall and slipping through the cracks. The Night's Watch are all about defending challenges and this helps put a stop to stealth. Perfect for making sure Balon stays in the Iron Islands.

Hornwood is also a good addition for the Starks and when splashed into other decks too. The chance to drop in those important characters at one less cost could make the difference. Being a relatively well costed Intrigue and Power icon as well she also helps fill a gap in the Northmen's repertoire.

Now it's time for new agendas...

King of Summer

Both of these help create a new dynamic in the game. The chance to drop the reserve (cards in hand at end of turn) of players plot cards means that you can start starving people of cards. Not great against the likes of the Lannisters or the Greyjoys but certainly good against Martell and Tyrell.

King of Winter

The chance to snap up a whole bunch of Winter plots and then use King of Winter to limit your opponent is something I will be experimenting with. It was also pointed out that if you also twin this card with Alannys Greyjoy (and retain first player) you can take their reserve even more.

Now, to plots...

Summer Harvest

Summer Harvest gives you a relatively good initiative for the game turn and also pays if you're playing against others who have high gold cards in their decks. The reserve is also nice and high just in case you can't end up playing your cards.

Winter Festival

Winter Festival is my jam and will be finding its way into my Stark deck. The chance to add two of these into your plot deck and double up on the ability to gain two power for doing effectively nothing is always welcome. The downside being of course that if there is a summer plot revealed you're somewhat losing out that turn.

Will you be following along with the development of this new cycle?

"First up we have the card fan to take a look at which is decidedly interesting for me being a Stark and Night's Watch fan..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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