Gamemat.Eu’s City Of Steel Terrain Rises Up For Pre-Order

November 12, 2018 by dracs

Supported by (Turn Off) have a new set of MDF coloured terrain available to pre-order, letting your games take place amidst a City of Steel.

The City of Steel terrain has been designed for competitive 28mm-32mm scale wargaming.

Comprised of sections of harsh, ruined industrial walls and structures, this terrain suits all manner of scifi settings, from the interior of a dilapidated hive to the worn-out buildings of a post-apocalypse. have stated that this is set to be the official terrain for next year's Prague Open Wargaming Event. The focus has been on designing a kit that works well with Warhammer 40,000 8th edition, providing good line of sight blockers and area terrain, as well as multiple levels to make for more exciting and dynamic games.

I can't wait to send my Harlequins jumping right over it all.

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)

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