Games Workshop Showcase Slender New Painting Handle

October 20, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been showing off a strangely erotic image of their upcoming Painting Handle which is a revamped take on the offering we saw hit their webstore not long ago.

Painting Handle - Games Workshop

Painting Handle // Games Workshop

The original painting handles (available in black and red) were rather chunky and the new handle has been described as easier to handle and designed so that you can reach all the fiddly bits on the miniatures you're painting.

I mean...well, it looks cooler right? Obviously, this did get released to a hell of a lot of jokes on the internet (any surprise there?) but I suppose the proof will be in the pudding. Maybe we'll be able to compare this to the old one to see which is better. You could also just go with Warren's new invention...

Warren's Cork

It certainly does more or less the same job and without all of that plastic that gets used up in Games Workshop's creation. All joking aside, I do know that painting handles are great and they do make things easier for a lot of people. But, I will leave it up to you folks as to if this new design is going to work for you.

Drop your thoughts below...

"Maybe we'll be able to compare this to the old one to see which is better..."

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