Gangfight Games Add Brooke Summers To The Tranquillity Crew

March 29, 2018 by dracs

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Gangfight Games have previewed a sculpt for one of the last minis they unlocked in their recent Kickstarter; Brooke Summers of the Tranquillity Crew.

Brooke Summers

Despite her flowery dress, Brooke Summers has plenty of determined swagger to her. She's a strong figure, going against the perception of a sweet, innocent girl with two six-shooters on her hips.

Brooke Side

Brooke Back

I was very happy to see Brooke get unlocked through the Kickstarter. The sculpt here looks perfect. There's no power in 'verse that could keep her back.

Did you get in on this Kickstarter?

"There's no power in 'verse that could keep her back..."

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