Gangfight Games’ Halfling Burglar Swipes Your Purse

January 7, 2019 by brennon

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Gangfight Games are working up towards something pretty awesome looking with Runerunners and we saw a few more previews over the last couple of weeks. The newest of these was for the Halfling Burglar here who looks like he would be a nasty piece of work.

Halfling Burglar - Gangfight Games

He has a very snappy suit and hat ensemble going on there although I love that even in this world, Halflings don't wear shoes. You could imagine that he's just pilfered that cash from the safe of a wealthy family and is now holding up someone else on his escape.

Keeping with a theme of criminals we also have the Kobold Enforcer here who looks ready to do some clubbing.

Kobold Enforcer - Gangfight Games

I wouldn't want to bump into him in a dark alley that's for sure. I could imagine a gaggle of these jumping out of the shadows to try and squeeze some money out of you. Whilst the club looks fierce and probably quite disease-ridden I'd hope that the Kobolds could still be scared away by a big bruiser if you can get one on side.

What do you make of their Runerunners previews?

"I love that even in this world, Halflings don't wear shoes..."

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