Gangfight Games Hires The Blackwater Dockside Drifters

May 1, 2014 by brennon

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Gangfight Games have released another set of miniatures for their Blackwater Gulch series of Western miniatures. Up now they have the dirty Dockside Drifters and the Hired Guns John Blackwood and Father Al...

Dockside Drifters

John Blackwood & Father Al

The Dockside Drifters are a gang of wandering souls who ended up working together for the common good. They might appear rag tag and dirty but they are some of the most dangerous men in Blackwater and have helped turn away Outlaws and the infamous Clancy Gang.

On the Hired Guns front we have John Blackwood (Left) and Father Al (Right) who will be gunning you down and then reading you your rights as you pass over to the other side. Blackwood looks armed to the teeth that's for sure.

I would love to start playing a Western game actually and these folk are inspiring me to do so.

Do you play Blackwater Gulch?

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