Gangfight Tease Tinkerers & A New Blackwater Beast Hero

November 26, 2018 by brennon

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The team from Gangfight Games were showing off some new characters they have been working on recently for some of their worlds. Kicking off we have their Goblin Tinkerer from Runerunners which is coming in the near future.

Goblin Inventor - Runerunner

As I've mentioned before when it comes to Runerunners whilst we've seen this idea of Fantasy and Steampunk before it's nice to see Gangfight giving it a go as they have some very inventive ideas already. I love the idea that it's focused into something more akin to adventuring rather than just straight up fights.

Of course, we don't know much about the game right now but it's worth keeping our eye on this one.

Beast Lord

We also got to see the render work for Krakrak who will be coming out as a new leader for the Beast warband in Blackwater Gulch.

Krakrak #1 - Blackwater Gulch

The miniature is looking great and it's nice to see that they have embraced more of that Native aesthetic in their designs for the Beasts. You can see a bit of Native American and a bit of Aztec/Mayan in there too.

I think the miniature would paint up very nicely in some striking colours as well or maybe as a vulture with the clothing being the real focus of the colour work.

What do you think of their new teasers?

"What do you think of their new teasers?"

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