GCT Go Ape For A Bushido Orangutan

November 14, 2017 by dracs

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GCT Studios have published a mysterious preview, featuring the artwork for a new Bushido warrior; an angry, armed orangutan.


This ape (any Discworld fan knows never to call an orangutan a monkey) seems to be an alpha of its species. Intelligent though it may be, this does not seem to be following the Planet of the Apes direction of Orangutans as wise leaders who avoid getting their hands dirty. This one looks ready to crush some skulls!

At first, I thought this might be a new addition to the Temple of Ro-Kan. However, given its style, and the fact that real-world orangutans come from Indonesia and Malaysia, maybe this could be the start of a whole new faction.

What do you think this preview could mean?

"Maybe this could be the start of a whole new faction..."

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